wake the tablets

as inexpensive tablet computers are lately becoming ubiquitous among college students, the provost's office at wake forest university is announcing wake the tablets, a micro-grant pilot program aimed at increasing the adoption of (and discussion about) these devices among wfu's teaching faculty.

faculty members participating in wake the tablets have been issued a tablet computer (equipped with wifi, email, the web, e-reader software, etc.) and have been granted facilitated access to e-texts for use in the upcoming fall 2012 semester. in return, faculty awardees will be asked to describe their experiences using such tablets and e-content in classroom settings.

in support of the initiative, wfu's digital publishing office (in conjunction with information systems) distributed the tablets, assisted with selecting and acquiring any full-text e-content (such as commercially available e-textbooks, open access titles, zsr's e-books, etc.), and developed guides to other available e-resources (including streaming media content).

please contact wfu's office of digital publishing with questions or concerns.